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Rotarian of the Year

The Club's 'Rotarian of the Year' Trophy was presented to the Club in 1990 by the Rotary Club of Rotorua North to celebrate the anniversary of 25 years service by our club which was chartered in 1965. The award is made by the outgoing President to a club member for outstanding participation, support and effort in the club during that year.

Pauline Evans the West 'Rotarian of the Year' 2018/2019

Honours Board

2018 Pauline Evans
2017 Mike Steiner
2016 David Dawson
2015 John Shaw
2014 Chris Smith
2013 Roger McElroy
2012 Gill Wilkes
2011 Ray Oakley
2010 Roger McElroy
2009 Lyla Smithies
2008 Brett Marvelly
2007 Todd Mountfort
2006 Pauline Evans
2005 Mike Smith
2004 Henk Buissink
2003 Gerry Horgan
2002 David Dowthwaite
2001 Ross Malcolm
2000 Royna Hook
1999 Sue Marsh
1998 Kingsley Logan
1996 Henk Buissink
1996 Evan Jordan
1995 Deryck Shaw
1994 Keith Taylor
1991 Harry Bimler


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